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Gervelie's Journey

The second book selected was drawn from the genre of books normally described as non-fiction. Gervelie’s Journey is one of four books recounting the life stories of refugee children. The authors, Anthony Robinson and Annemarie Young, wanted to find a way to give a voice to the 'voiceless' and allow children to put their feet in other children’s shoes by writing these books.

This book tells the story of Gervelie’s life in the Congo and the need to flee from the civil war. Gervelie’s life is illustrated using a combination of fine line drawings by June Allan and authentic photographs showing Gervelie at various stages of her journey.

Both authors contacted the Red Cross and the Refugee Council and asked for help to identify children alongside their parents, who wished to share their refugee stories. The authors worked with the 'essence of the stories' and shared all drafts with the children before publishing the books.

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