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A children's literacy research project.

    • Winner of the 2013 Prize for joint development work between schools and universities awarded by the British Curriculum Foundation, the British Education Research Association and Routledge publishers.

Overview in Brief

Funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, this project was based in the School of Education, University of Glasgow, and considered a new approach to teaching and learning to enhance the language and literacy of children.

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Teaching Tools

Start your own journey of discovery by using our set of teaching tools, practical in-class activities, and suggestions to help children from diverse backgrounds enhance their language and literacy skills.

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Research in Full

View the project reseach in full and download the extended Teaching Pack to compliment our teaching tools and suggestions. You can also discover related academic publication in visual literacy and intercultural responses.

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Featured Books

View the texts, which were used during this project and find out what mades them suitable for use in the classroom.

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"...a fabulous resource to engage children and to get them talking and sharing some of their experiences. Even if they are not comfortable sharing them, at least they can relate to the children in the story or relate in some small way to the experiences of moving and being displaced."

- Sylvia (EAL teacher)

"I don’t really read a lot of books but because I’ve been reading these I really liked them. I’d like to get more books like them to help my reading for when I’m going into secondary school."

- Tony (pupil)